SRHGE/AOV Opening Glazed Smoke Vent

Surespan manufactured and supplied a SRHGE/AOV 140° opening, thermally broken, Aluminium, Glazed (split into 2 panes), single leaf smoke ventilator to a business in London. Designed to fit structural opening 2000 x 1200mm (hinged on the 2000mm side). It will provide 2.04m² free air flow.

This allows for a glass pane size of 1700 x 1200mm (split into 2 panes) with a central transverse member (100mm wide).

Operated by 2 CONCEALED 24v DC actuators, located at either end of the cover within the structural opening and features electro-magnetic locking.

Glass Specification
The 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit comprises Pilkington 6mm toughened K polished all round outer pane, 20mm Warm Edge silver spacer Bar argon filled, Pilkington 9.5mm toughened & laminated inner pane. This sealed glazed unit has a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K.

The remaining parts of the upstand are filled with 50mm thick of ‘Superior’ insulation which offers a U-Value of 0.20W/m²K

This offers a high level of thermal insulation against heat loss and condensation, together with excellent sound absorption properties.

The lid is supported by heavy-duty stainless steel axle pins and features an integral ‘wrap over’ edge, incorporating double unbroken EPDM seals.

Upstand designed with a 5 degree pitch to allow water run off.

This unit is CE marked and certified to EN12101-02.

Extended Skirt
Extended skirt aperture liner 709mm deep from Aluminium sheet on sides without actuators, to ensure a consistent internal frame depth, taking into account the casing for the concealed actuators. Includes polyester powder coated finish to RAL 7021 ‘Park Grey’.