Glazed Roof Access Hatch

Surespan SRHG Glazed Roof Hatches are manufactured using thermally broken extruded sections as standard, offering clients excellent energy conservation properties and substantially reducing internal condensation or frost formation.

Surespan glazed roof access hatches incorporate a frameless design eliminating water ponding. The low profile frame with triple seals is structurally bonded to the 1.4″ thick double glazed unit comprises  0.2″ toughened glass, 0.78″ argon filled cavity with thermal warm edge spacer bar, and a 0.37″ toughened and laminated inner pane.

Note: We recommend all glazed hatches to be installed on a 5° pitch to stop water ponding.

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    • Custom made to any size
    • Insulation U-Value 1.5 W/m2K
    • Thermal brake as standard
    • Acoustic rated
    • Frameless design against water ponding
    • Hold open stay against accidental closure

    Glass Options

    Surespan manufacture glazed hatches with clear, opaque and smoke glass options. In addition the glass can be self-cleaning or walk-on.

    Self cleaning glass
    Self cleaning glass
    Smoked glass
    Smoked glass
    Opaque glass
    Opaque glass
    Walk on glass
    Walk on glass

    The sealed double glazed unit comprises three layers. Firstly, the outer pane consists of 6mm toughened glass. On the oposite side there is a 9.5mm toughened and laminated inner pane. Between the two glass panes the hatch has a 20mm spacer bar filled with argon. Such prepared sealed glazed unit has a vertical centre pane U-Value of 1.5. W/m²K.





    Thermally Broken Roof Hatch

    Surespan glazed roof access hatches use thermal brakes. As a result, they offer clients excellent energy saving properties. They also greatly reduce internal condensation and frost formation.This in turn helps with thermal conductivity. Consequently, this reduce the heat loss due to heat conduction through the roof hatch frame.

    Hidden Actuators

    Glazed roof hatches and smoke vents have hidden actuators. As a result, the hatch gains a sleek look and you can’t see the mechanism from below.

    Roof Hatch with Hidden Actuators


    Surespan manufactures glazed roof hatches using thermal brakes as standard. Thanks to this, our products offer clients great energy saving properties and reduce internal condensation or frost formation. Surespan glazed roof access hatches have a frameless design against water ponding.


    The upstand height vary to suit the fitting of the hidden actuator.

    The aluminum frame and upstand have a thermal break as standard. The upstand’s outer section has a layer packed with 50mm of insulation. This prepares the upstand for weathering on site at time of installation by others.


    The hatch comes with twin 24v DC actuators at the remote end of the access opening. We produce our glazed hatches with the actuators hidden behind an aluminum sheet. As a result, when viewing from below with the cover closed they are out of view.

    The synchronised actuators ensure an even lift when used with a Surespan control panel. Also, the hatch offers an option of wiring directly into the Fire Alarm or Building Management System by others.


    We recommend applying a polyester powder coated finish to the lid frame and upstand. Alternatively, standard finish is aluminium mill finish.