IAC Tread Plate Floor Access Hatch

Surespan IAC balanced action Tread Plate Floor Access Hatch are designed for non-weatherproof applications. The single leaf floor access hatch has a patterned tread plate lid.

Tread Plate Floor Access Hatch frame fits within the aperture featuring gas spring assisted operation, these covers allow fingertip opening of the lid. When opened, the lid locks into position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

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  • Custom made to any size
  • Rated up to FACTA Class AA
  • Patterned tread plate lid
  • Marine grade aluminium cover
  • Maximum opening 90°
  • L03 standard Tee lock
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated
  • Gas spring assisted operation
  • Hold open stay – against accidental closure

Standard Sizes

Structural Opening Size Weight *
* Weight relates to FACTA class A only
600 x 600 36kg
750 x 750 43kg
900 x 750 47kg
900 x 900 53kg
1000 x 1000 61kg
1200 x 1200 77kg
1200 x 1800 102kg
1500 x 1500 104kg

Recessed Floor Access Covers

Control Options

Gas Spring Operation

Standard roof hatch comes complete with gas spring assisted opening to ensure minimum amount of effort to open the double skinned aluminium lid.

The lid will have the provision to lock in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

Concealed gas spring

Electric Operation


Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

Additional Electric Features

Electric control unit

Electrical Control Unit.

Push button for domestic use.

Key switch for domestic use.

Push button for industrial use.

Key switch for industrial use.

Hydraulic Operation

Hydraulic system comprises of operating cylinders with a hand pump. A typical access cover panel would take approximately 60 seconds to open from a closed position. Closing is achieved by releasing the hydraulic oil from the cylinder; the weight of the cover is sufficient to push the cylinder closed.

Additional Hydraulic Features

Electrical Control Panel.

Push Button

Pneumatic Operation

Pneumatics provide a clean and efficient way of operating our hatches in environments where compressed air is freely available or is preferred to hydraulic cylinders or electrical actuators.

The system comprises of operating cylinders fed from a manual control manifold that can connect to a ring main pneumatic supply.

Pneumatic operation

Additional Pneumatic Features

Electrical Control Panel.

Key Switch.

Locking Options


Standard cablock and Tee key.


Locking padlock box – additional security.


Electrical interlock – micro switch.

SRHP Smoke Vent


Shoot bolt lock – internal only.

Comfort Smoke Ventilation


Additional cam lock to ensure positive sealing.


Electrical locking box linked to a BMS system.


Concealed dead lock with cover plate.


Emergency panic release handle.


Caged ladder

Standard ladder with cage.

Retractable ZIP ladder.

Retractable ZIP ladder.

Standard Ships Ladder

Standard ship ladder.