HIAC Recessed Floor Hatch

Surespan’s balanced action internal and external Recessed Floor Hatch are designed to cover a wide range of applications and finishes, from patterned tread plate to carpet or vinyl tiles, through to recess for timber, ceramics, concrete or walk-on glass.

Featuring gas spring assisted operation, these access covers allow fingertip opening of the lid.

HIAC Recessed Floor Hatch can be provided with a water catchment channel and drain point, making them suitable for use in wet areas, such as swimming pool walkways etc.



Available in; Aluminium, Steel or Stainless Steel depending on requirements.


Features a pan type door and can be recessed to accommodate any type of infill, from vinyl to granite.


Manufactured to take wide variety of loading capacities.


Manual, electrical or hydraulic options determined by the size and weight of the lid.

Fire Rating

Hatches can be fire rated up to 4 hours as required.


Various safety options can be specified depending on access requirements.


Surespan HIAC recessed access hatches have a pan type door and can be recessed to accommodate any type of infill, from vinyl to granite.

As part of the initial enquiry, the weight of the infill must be advised to enable us to determine the method of operation.

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Electric control unit

Electric actuators

Hydraulic operation

Electric control unit

Electrical Control Panel

Push Button for Domestic Use

Push button for domestic use

Key Switch for Domestic use

Key switch for domestic use

Key switch for industrial use

Push button for industrial use

Push button for industrial use

Wind sensor

Wind sensor activated by wind

Rain sensor

Rain sensor activated by rainfall


Concealed Motor

Concealed gas spring

Concealed Gas Spring


Class A

Internal and external areas which can only be used by pedestrians or cycles i.e. toilets, changing rooms, footways and cycle tracks.

Class AA

Very light industrial areas, where small trolleys and private cars/vans can manouvre i.e. Domestic driveways, trolley parks, hospital wards.

Class AAA

Delivery/service areas, shopping malls, light industrial areas. Light industrial areas, where trolleys and light pallet trucks operate.

Class B

Pedestrian precincts, forecourts, commercial delivery/parking areas. Factories, industrial plants, where pick-up trucks and small pallet trucks operate.

Class C

Factories, industrial plants, special axle loads, kerb side drainage. Industrial areas where pallet and small fork-lift truck operates.

Class D

Heavy duty plant areas carriageways and industrial service roads where fast moving HGVs reach speeds of 20mph max. Areas where medium duty fork-lift trucks operate.

Class E

Dockside and container storage areas where heavy transporters operate. Very heavy industrial areas where large heavy duty fork-lift truck operates.


Fire rated

4 hours fire resistance.

Acoustic rating

Sound reduction of 45db Rw.


Optional stainless steel trim finish.

Glass window

Glass walk-on lid.

Concealed gas spring

Concealed actuators.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel access hatch.


  • Custom made to any size
  • Fire Rated Access Covers
  • Rated up to FACTA Class E vehicle loading
  • Can accommodate any type of floor infill
  • Marine grade aluminium cover
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated
  • Hold open stay – against accidental closure

Suggested Sizes

Structural Opening Size Weight *
* Excluding infill, Weight relates to facta class A only
600 x 600 36kg
750 x 750 43kg
900 x 750 47kg
900 x 900 53kg
1000 x 1000 61kg
1200 x 1200 77kg
1200 x 1800 102kg
1500 x 1500 104kg

Recessed Floor Access Cover