Glazed Walk-on Floor Access

Surespan PaveVent glazed pavement lights and walk on rooflights are designed with a pan type lid and structural bond system which provides a slim sightline as standard.

Standard system performance will cope with light maintenance loads right up to heavy pedestrian and traffic loads.

Surespan glazed pavement lights and non-opening PaveVents are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. With walk-on-glass. TripleLite 34mm thick glass to suit pedestrian loading only, 1.4 kN concentrated and 1.5 kN m2 UDL and a U value of 5.4 w/m2k. The frame is ventilated to suit your free air requirements using stainless micro mesh filters.

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    • Available as Walk-on Glass
    • Custom made to any size
    • Anti-slip ceramic tempered onto the glass
    • Pan type door recessed from 3mm to 100mm
    • U-values of 5.4W/m2K
    • Gas spring assisted operation

    Drainage connection

    Surespan Pevevent access hatch does not offer watertightness, although a self draining cover is available. Any water passing the seals disperse via a drainage channel, fitted with an optional ¾ inch flexible hose adaptor (for connection to drain by others.)


    Walk-on Glass & Access Hatches


    Surespan PaveVents have a pan type lid that supports the glass in a structural bond system, which has a slim sight line. Walk-on panels have a specially formed anti slip ceramic tempered onto the glass surface, printed in custom patterns or the standard finish.

    The access cover does not have watertight properties but it is self draining. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel, fitted with an optional ¾ inch flexible hose adaptor (for connection to drain by others). The edges of the covers can be vented or finished in a stainless steel trim.

    Solid Top

    Where a project does not require light transmission, the glazed top can be replaced with a plain floor access covers. Such unit, with a non-slip applicant infill can play a role of a horizontal smoke ventilator, such as those for ducting or shafts from lower basements.