HIACE External Single Leaf Hatch

Surespan HIACE external single leaf access hatch to fit structural opening 47.24 x 133.85in was manufactured and supplied to a residential home in Solihull. This hatch was installed for access to an under ground level gym.

Rated at pedestrian loading. Operated by two 24v DC Actuators. The pan type door was recessed for 40mm paving slabs infill. The patent frame with unique hidden hinge incorporates an EPDM unbroken seal to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture.This access cover is not watertight. A self-draining cover can be supplied, which would disperse any passing water via an integral drainage channel, which is fitted with an optional internal or external ¾ inch flexible hose adaptor.

This HIACE was fitted with a retractable safety grid size 47.24 x 98.42in operated by 24v actuator.

Supplied with a Zen controlled 240vAC/24vDC electrical supply, transformer. Used to sequence the opening and closing of the single leaf and safety grid actuator controlled system to protect the units from collision. One operation switch is included.


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