Floor access Hatches

A wide range of Floor Access Hatches. Find the right product to suit your bespoke project requirements.  

HIAC Recessed Floor Hatch

SAC Floor Hatch

SureCover Access Hatches

IAC Internal Access Hatches

RSI Upstand Floor Hatch

SEHDC Heavy Duty Hatch

AQUA Ventiilated Upstand Access

FD Floor Ducting

Surespan floor access hatches are rated up to FACTA class E for vehicular trafficin off-street locations. Our floor access hatches come complete with stainless steel gas spring and hardware. The assisted lift aluminium tread plate or pan type lid locks into the open position with a positive action safety hold-open stay which prevents accidental closure. A stainless steel slam action cab lock is fitted as standard to lock the lid. These locks are easily opened from the inside and key operated from the outside.

Other locking provisions, including locking boxes and electrical interlock, are available upon request.

The patent marine alloy frame with unique foldaway hinges incorporates double unbroken EPDM seals to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel, which is fitted with an optional internal or external Tailpiece Adaptor for use with a 10mm bore tube (for connection by others).

It is recommended that all access hatches are regularly serviced and maintained by specialised personnel.

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