Walk on Glass Access Hatch

Surespan manufactured this HIACE/GWO aluminium, single leaf, flush floor access hatch for a company in London to fit structural opening 102.36 x 25.59in (hinged on the long side) recessed with TripleLite ‘Walk-on-glass’ infill divided into two panes. The lid is operated by two 24v DC actuators fitted to the underside of the lid.The TripleLite 34mm thick glass to suit pedestrian domestic loading only, 1.4 kN concentrated and 1.5 kN m2 UDL and a U value of 5.4 w/m2k.

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Roof Access for Height restricted buildings

Do you need a Roof Access Hatch but you have height restrictions? We may have the perfect solution for you.

Our SLH Sliding Roof Hatches and Sliding Glass Rooflights provide many advantages over standard roof access hatches. If your roof has height restrictions or high risk of wind, then this may be the hatch for you. They are also ideal for access to a roof terrace via a staircase, so as well as being practical, it also looks modern and attractive.

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We are BS ISO 9001 Compliant

We are pleased to confirm we have successfully passed our audit for BS ISO 9001 Compliance. This gives us certification up until the year 2020 where we will be re-audited.

Surespan pride ourselves on the high standard of quality we provide, as a UK Manufacturer, our clients across the Globe approach us with an expectation for quality from highly engineered bespoke heavy duty industrial plant access covers, to products for premium, upmarket residential buildings.

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SAC Flush Floor Access Cover – Doha

Surespan manufactured and supplied this SAC Aluminium, single leaf, flush floor access cover to fit structural opening 1000 x 1000mm. The access cover comes complete with gas spring assisted, Aluminium chequer plate lid which locks in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure. Rated for Pedestrian loading only at FACTA Class ‘A’.

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Comfort Smoke Ventilation

Fire safety

Fire safety is so important and it’s vital to make sure you have the correct smoke ventilation for your property.  Smoke is the primary cause of death in a fire more often than flames with around 50 -80% of deaths. A big cloud of smoke can travel faster through a building than any fire, completely obscuring escape routes as it does so. There is not just damage caused by the poisons in the smoke itself, but by burns to the respiratory system with irritation and swelling compounding the problems.

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Surespan get full Strike with Moreland Village Floor hatch

A private community in South Carolina’s Low country have unveiled Moreland Village. This residential development takes inspiration from its surrounding area, most of all its moss-covered oak trees surrounding the village which is sat within a mystical marshland.

Three top architecture firms worked together to create a living space that blossoms with an authentic community feel along with the classic Southern hospitality.

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stainless steel flush floor access cover

Accessing the new laboratories at Yale University

The Wright Lab (previosuly Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory) used to be home to the most powerful Atom Smasher of its kind. Now, the Labs are undergoing a 3 year renovation project to re-purpose the facility and re-position them at the forefront of physics.

Surespan provided a stainless steel flush floor hatch to measure 9 ft x 15 ft (2743mm x 4572mm). The reinforced floor door supported a live slow moving wheel load of 17 Ton (US). As a result, the covers had to be operated via a hydraulic cylinder and an electrically driven power pack. The cover was finished in our SureGrip Non-Slip surface coating.

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